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Diesel Theft Solutions


Wheel,Battery & General Theft

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What do we supply?

We supply the ultimate range of anti theft product that covers the full range of theft. Our range includes everything from anti siphoning units, to anti theft lock nuts that replaces the weak spots of diesel theft like your drain plug, your banjo's, your feed and return pipes your filter drain point etc. We also supply a range that protects your batteries, your wheels even things like gate motors. You can use our battery lock nut for everything that has a bolt; and our lock bolt for everything that works with a bolt to protect it from being stolen or being removed.

Patent & Design Copy Right

Truck Locknut has full patent and copy right in South-Africa and several other countries including America, Mexico etc of all the products that we supply.
Please note that only Truck Locknut has manufacturing rights to our products. No other company has the right to manufacture our product. Truck Locknut has not giving manufacturing rights to any other company. If anyone is manufacturing our product it is considered an act against the law and legal actions will be taken against the guilty party.

If a secondary company (other than our authorized resellers) is selling, marketing or supplying a lock nut with a rotating slinger and a coded nut or one that looks similar to our locknut, please note that product is a illegal product. By law if you are found in possession of such lock nuts they may be removed from you fleets, and destroyed at no cost compensation towards you. You would have to fight you losses were the illegal products was bought by.

We do not want any company to suffer any financial loss due to other companies with no regards to the law that is selling these infringed illegal products.
Warning: The companies that are caught infringing and selling our product illegally will be prosecuted by the full power of the law. As patent infringement is a criminal act and will be handled as such.